Girls only for 7+

Newbridge Preparatory School is a co-educational school up to the age of seven years. In keeping with its tradition, Newbridge continues to give boys a head start in their school careers and their company is greatly enjoyed by all. However, after this age, our experience informs us that girls positively thrive in a single gender setting. Boys and girls mature at different rates. Generally, girls have a more mature attitude to their school work and in Upper School, the single gender environment allows their learning and progress to move forward at a pace without hindrance.

Upper School is a place where the curriculum and the teaching are girl-centred and where girls have endless opportunities to discover their talents without worrying what boys think of them. The all-girls environment provides opportunities to explore and succeed in every subject and activity. Our teaching makes use of the strategies girls find most helpful and there is no stereotyping. In a ‘girls only’ environment, we are able to focus all of our time, resources, attention and energy to the unique needs of girls where co-educational schools simply cannot. We have the flexibility to customise teaching strategies, programs, and experiences to match girls’ interests, challenges and learning styles.

Our Water Cooler is from AquAid