Newbridge Preparatory School is a Limited Company with Charitable Status, governed by a Board of Directors (Volunteer Governors).

The Members of the Board of Directors is as follows:

Mrs H. Hughes Chair and Safeguarding (Ex-Parent)
Mr G. Birkett Vice-Chairman, Legal (Ex-Parent)
Vacancy Education
Mr. J. Hollingsworth Finance (Ex-Parent)
Mrs P. Bhambra Medical and SEND  (Current Parent)
Mr. N. Beech Facilities and Health and Safety (Ex-Parent)
Mrs. P. Timmins HR (Ex-Parent)

Registered Charity Number: 1019682
Company Number: 414993
SIC Code: 85200 (Primary Education)
DfE Number:336/6015
EYFS Registration Number: EY289722

Our Water Cooler is from AquAid