Organisation - EYFS, KS1 and KS2

There are approximately 140 children at Newbridge Preparatory School from rising three-year-olds to eleven-year-olds.

Newbridge is primarily a ‘prep’ school. Pupils attend from Pre-Nursery until the end of Year Six.  

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Pre-Nursery (Rising 3s) – Average 15 children per morning or afternoon session.

Nursery (Rising 4s) – Average 24 children 

Reception (Rising 5s) – Average 18 children 

Entry to Newbridge Preparatory School is non-selective. Children entering after the Early Years are asked to sit a short assessment.

Lower School (Key Stage One)

Year One (Rising 6s) – Average 18 children

Year Two (Rising 7s) – Average 18 children 

The school is a single form entry with a Lower School (EYFS and Key Stage One) and in Upper School (Key Stage Two). The average class size is 18. 

Upper School (Key Stage Two)

Year Three (Rising 8s) –  Average 18 children

Year Four (Rising 9s) –  Average 18 children

Year Five (Rising 10s) –  Average 18 girls

Year Six (Rising 11s) –  Average 18 girls