We Are a Prep School

At Newbridge Preparatory School, we are dedicated to guiding your child on their journey to the perfect senior school. Our commitment to preparing children for a wide array of senior school entrance examinations is a fundamental aspect of our educational approach.

In the Upper School, we diligently prepare our pupils for both selective and non-selective senior schools, whether fee-paying or state-funded. Moreover, we extend our support to parents, assisting them in navigating the diverse range of senior schools available. We aim to help each child discover the senior school that aligns perfectly with their unique needs and aspirations.

We firmly believe that the pivotal moment to initiate the decision-making process regarding your child’s future senior school arrives in Year Six. By this stage, you’ll have observed your child’s growth and development, making you well-equipped to select a senior school that suits their personality, interests, and academic capabilities. Unlike parents choosing ‘all-through’ schools for their children at an early age, we acknowledge that no one can accurately predict how a child will develop.

Newbridge Preparatory School is a “Standalone” prep school, offering children an educational experience tailored to their individual needs and growth. Our curriculum strikes a perfect balance between academics, music, arts, and sports, allowing each child to thrive and reach their fullest potential. We’re here to empower your child with the tools they need to make the right choice for their future at eleven years old.