Welcome to Newbridge Preparatory School, a remarkable school dedicated to the education and development of pupils aged two to eleven. Our commitment is to provide a top-tier education while harmoniously blending timeless values with innovative teaching. As an independent ‘Prep’ school in Wolverhampton, unaffiliated with a senior school, we take pride in offering a unique educational experience characterised by a close-knit, family atmosphere. At Newbridge, we create an environment where children can flourish.

As I guide Newbridge Preparatory School into the future, I remain steadfast in preserving its exceptional qualities while embracing the challenges of tomorrow. Our dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence have been recognised nationally. In 2020, we were honoured with the title of Prep School of the Year by The Sunday Times. This achievement speaks volumes about the individualised attention every child receives in our intimate school environment and the quality of teaching and learning meticulously designed to unlock each child’s ever-growing potential.

As the Headmistress of Newbridge Preparatory School, I am wholeheartedly devoted to leading a school characterised by positivity, care and ambition. I firmly believe in the holistic approach to education, where the diverse achievements of every child within our school measure success. Our school serves as a place where children are not only educated but are also inspired to dream and empowered to strive for those dreams – Dare to dream it, work to achieve it!

I invite you to experience the unique atmosphere of Newbridge Preparatory School firsthand. If you would like to visit our school, we extend a warm welcome and a personalised tour. I look forward to meeting you and your child.

Mrs S.A. Fisher B.Ed (Hons) – Headmistress


If you’re interested in securing a place for your child at Newbridge Preparatory School, the first step is to get in touch by giving us a call. We would love to arrange a school tour for you.

Meet Miss Addison, our dedicated Admissions Registrar, who oversees every facet of the admissions process. She is here to help answer any inquiries you might have.

Feel free to reach out to her by phone at 01902 751088 or, if you prefer, by email at aaddison@newbridgeprepschool.org.uk.