Newbridge Preparatory School is a Limited Company with Charitable Status, governed by a Board of Directors (Volunteer Governors).

The Members of the Board of Directors is as follows:

Mrs H. Hughes Chair and Safeguarding (Ex-Parent)
Mr G. Birkett Vice-Chairman, Legal (Ex-Parent)
Professor C. Farrow Education (Parent)
Mr J. Hollingsworth Finance (Ex-Parent)
Mrs P. Bhambra Medical and SEND  (Ex-Parent)
Mrs P. Timmins HR (Ex-Parent)


To contact the Chair of Directors:



The role of The Directors:

Mrs Hughes can be contacted during both term and holiday time:

c/o Newbridge Preparatory School

51 Newbridge Crescent


 WV6 0LH

Te. 01902 751088


The Board of Directors hold an important leadership and management role within the school ensuring the pupils’ wellbeing in the following areas:

  • physical and mental health and emotional well-being;
  • protection from harm and neglect;
  • education, training and recreation;
  •  the contribution made by them to society;
  • social and economic well-being. 


Registered Charity Number: 1019682
Company Number: 414993
SIC Code: 85200 (Primary Education)
DfE Number:336/6015
EYFS Registration Number: EY289722