Physical Education

At Newbridge, we believe that true achievement encompasses more than just academic success. We strongly emphasise physical education as a vital component of our holistic approach to learning and life. Our specialised physical education programs are designed to recognise and nurture individual strengths while fostering a culture of competitive success.

Our diverse range of physical activities allows children to explore their talents and develop valuable life skills. From mastering tennis to showcasing their gymnastic prowess, participating in tag-rugby and rounders matches, or excelling in hockey and cross-country races, pupils can engage in various sports and physical pursuits.

Our primary specialist facilities are geared towards promoting physical well-being and success. They include a well-maintained netball court for matches, pristine tennis courts for honing skills, an artificial grass pitch for versatile sports, a multi-purpose hall for indoor activities, and a school playing field where children can take part in team sports and athletic events.

At Newbridge, we firmly believe that nurturing both the mind and the body leads to well-rounded individuals ready to tackle life’s challenges. We invite you to explore the world of physical education and competitive achievement, where we strive to provide a holistic education that empowers children for success in all aspects of their lives.